Greenhouse Effects

Greenhouse effect globally on Earth surface.

Green House Effect

Theory of Greenhouse effect (GHE) is very popular in today even in earlier days. This theory links to many forms in Climate Change and in Global Warming as well. The GHE is typically heating/cooling of the planetary surface for changing into gases, clouds, and aerosols formations which cool downs the atmosphere. GHE theory is very crucial for solving a bunch of causes arising from the faint sun paradox, Habitable Zone (HZ) continues to determination about a star, and on the radiative balance releasing anthropogenic gas effect determination.


Gases on Earth

Greenhouse Gases also found on earth atmosphere those are natural greenhouse gases those are including:

·       Water vapor (Water vapor is key component of the earth’s water cycle which moves along with the earth’s atmosphere)

·       Carbon dioxide (This is a type of heat with absorbs and emit a gas called carbon dioxide in greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide absorbs that heat with comes from earths surface)

·       Methane (Methane is also a greenhouse gas which found in environmental affects and which effect on climate system and temperature)

·       Ozone (Ozone comes after carbon dioxide and methane. This also absorbs heat from earth surface and releasing the radiation.)

·       Nitrous Oxide (This gas comes from human lifestyle how they use fuel usage, degradation, agricultural activities, industrial waste, wastage of water and so many other activities that increase the level of Nitrous Oxide gas in earth’s atmosphere)

These are normally produced only by human beings and those called synthetic gases. People also include these natural gases and synthetic gases (greenhouse gases) to the nature from many years. Every time greenhouse gases add on in atmosphere by people through burning coals, oil, and gas those are fossil fuels. Those burnings of fossil fuels done by creation of electricity, for generating power for factories and for running automobiles.