Smog can be influenced to the environment!


Smog is the types of air pollution, and it can be suspended in the air for a while or a long time.

Smog can be considered that the most significant gases in the world because it have affected to:

According to the researchers show that smog is the combination of fog and smoke, and it is the yellowish or blackish fog which stay in the atmosphere.

Smog have been created due to the elevated temperature and the gasses near the surface was getting heated.

Smog is unhealthy and can be influences to the environment by the following affection:

  • Damage human life, animals, plants

  • Sky become ugly such as brown or gray

  • Occur more accidents

In the last decade, smog can be called as ground level ozone and led to manage ozone in Canada, United States, and other countries

Smog Pollution

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 Photochemical SmogPhotochemical Smog

Photochemical smog created when sunlight reacts to 3 chemicals:

  1. nitrogen dioxide 

  2. nitrogen monoxide

  3. volatile organic compound (VOC)

The relevant secondary pollutants include peroxylacyl nitrates (PAN), tropospheric ozone, and aldehydes.

Photochemical smog present in all modern cities, but it is more common in cities with sunny, warm, dry climates and a large number of motor vehicles. Because it travels with the wind, it can affect sparsely populated areas as well.