Smog can be influenced to the environment!

Cause of Smog

There are 3 major cause of smog that people see every day in their life:

  1. Vehicle Transportation

  2. Coal Fires

  3. Natural Cause

Vehicle Transportation

According to Science Direct, it presented that vehicle exhaust is considered one of the most reason of smog due to the number of increasing motorcycle and fuel consumption in many China cities.

Many of vehicles will make the worst thing for smog pollution and affected to the atmosphere because every cars or motorcycles are also have exhausted the amount of gases.

Vehical Transportation

Vehicle pollutant emission had been reached about 44.725 million tons in the past of China, and they will estimate to add more than 100 million vehicles for now and in the future.

Vehicle transportation not only the cars or motorcycles lead to smog but also airplanes, ships or trains are one of the transportation that exhausted the largest poison smoke on the environment.

Coal Fire

Burning coal fire will form to many chemical gases:

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Sulfur oxide

  • Methane

Researcher have told that almost the coal fire is the exhaust from scrubber or carbon dioxide and methane from coal seam fire and it also contributed to global warming.

Coal Fire

Burning forest can be the worst thing related to the cause of smog because of burning forest release the amount of gases like coal fire polluting the air sources in the environment.

Natural Cause  

Natural Cause is also one of the major cause of smog, and it contain many types:

  • volcanoes
  • plants
  • trees
  • Factories

Many building and houses have destroyed the supporting of all trees

Natural cause

There are more pieces which use carbon dioxide such as Alder, English ivy, and these two species could be affected to the atmosphere because of the use of carbon dioxide

A thrown out of volcanic eruption have consisted of the chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbons, the aerosols, and plain particles


Volcanoes are one of the fractures of a planet like lava, and it is extremely hot temperature, so it dangerous when volcanoes eruptions. The smoke of volcanoes can be called the poison smoke in the world because it maintained the acid rain and stratospheric chlorine.

The factories also one of the caused to smog pollution since the industrial age of burning and carrying the chemical process and other particulates. Now, the smoke from factories have included the fossil fuels, and fossil fuels is the natural gas and consisted of coal.