Smog can be influenced to the environment!

Prevention of Smog

Preventing of smog is very important for everyone and on the environment because it can reduce the amount of smoke and fog to protect personal healthy.

Smog prevention may divide into 2 terms:

  1. Short term prevention
  2. Long term prevention

For short term preventing are using:

  • face mask or glasses to protect our eyes
  • Avoid exercises related to deep breathing and outing activities
  • Stay home as much as possible

Short term prevention

There are many ways to reduce the harmful on your children health

  • Parents need to know when smog levels is specially high
  • Reschedule outdoor events for your children
  • If you child has the asthmas, you will need to careful and prepare enough equipped of prevention measures for your child before going outside

Planting trees

For long term prevention, planting trees need to treat by trimming to grow new leaf every year, and any gas power engines or oil paint usage must be controlled safety before using.

Other thing to prevent the smog which all the factories must construct out of the cities, and the height of smoke from factories should be at the highest level because of pollutant dispersions of highest area can reduce the gas poison impacted on the surrounding environment.

Long term prevention

Coal fire often occurs in the winter term and it can be serious affected to the environment.

To preventing smog by coal fire, many producers have invented the analyzed synthetic natural gas (SNG) to replace coal for heating during the winter term.

Coal fire prevention

SNG heating can reduce 44 percent of the haze pollution emission from a life cycle perspective and up to 98 percent of the emission I many urban areas, and if people using SNG heating, the reduction of smog can be less than 52 percent

The smog pollution will occur more in the New Year Day because firework can release a lot of chemical gases


Firework consisted of mixture of fuel and the oxidizer, so it very harmful for many people who used it as well as the environment.