Stem Cell Research

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This site will explore some core fundamentals of stem cell research.

 Primarily the focus will be on three subtopics; ethics, what significant successes have been made and the future of stem cell research.

What is apparent within this field of research is that there is no shortage of controversy, even more so than actual scientific advancement.

For this reason, controversy will be front and center. The successes as well as shortcomings will serve to accompany the research as will information related to the future of stem cell research.

Embryo research was first pioneered in 1981, however researchers where only able to culture stem cells in mice.

It would not be until 1998 when the first culturing of embryo stem cells in humans was accomplished and ever since, stem cell research has been fraught with controversy deep seeded in beliefs closely tied to embryo rights.

The controversy shares a very similar mindset with groups against abortion and challenges the question, at what point during the embryotic state is something alive like you or me? To understand this concept, first we need to understand, how embryonic stem cell research works.


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