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Dietary Supplements in Sports

Dietary supplements are utilized by athletes for reflecting their participation and improving their health in this wider society. In general, half of the adults in the US uses dietary supplements .

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Athletes provide different reasons for why they use the supplements choices and those will reach their various goals in their performance plan such as maintaining healthy life by contributing to taking adequate nutrients, managing micronutrient deficiencies, and having a lack of energy and macronutrient which would be difficult to take through only food. There are some specific advantages of supplements among athletes that are direct performance enhancement, enough support for hard training, the manipulation of physique, alleviation of musculoskeletal pain, and speedy recovery from any injuries.

The supplements in Sport Products

Functional foods are food that includes additional nutrients or components other than typical nutrient components. For example, mineral-fortified, vitamin-fortified, and nutrient-enriched foods.
Formulated foods and sports foods, provide energy and nutrients more flexibly than normal foods. For instance, liquid meal replacements or expected to use during exercises such as sports drinks, gels, and bars.
Single nutrients and herbal products that are provided for isolated or concentrated forms’ purposes.
Multi-ingredient products that contain several combinations of those supplements give the same outcomes.

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 Why do Athletes use Dietary Supplements?

  1. To balance their nutrients to succeed in sports.
  2. For having the flexibility of energy and nutrients after any exercise session
  3. To achieve a great performance in competitions.
  4. To reduce the risks from any injury and illness
  5. To become successful in financial purposes like sponsorships because of the free charge of products.
  6. For just in case of any insurance policy
  7. For controlling weights

 Disadvantages of Dietary Supplements

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The dietary supplements contain prohibited substances which lead to unintentional doping. World Anti-Doping Agency has suggested to athletes that prohibited substances should not be consumed in sports. For example, anabolic beta-blockers, glucocorticoids, hormone, and metabolic modulators, stimulants, anabolic agents, beta-2 agonists, non-approved substances, diuretics, masking agents, narcotics, cannabinoids, mimetics, growth factors, peptide hormones, and related substances are prohibited substances. WADA banned those substances to develop sports integrity and provide a healthier life to athletes. For a decade in India, National Anti Doping Agency banded 1038 athletes for using doping substances. In addition, a survey in 2016 from Australia found that 67 tested and prohibited supplements products were purchased in Australia, and every five products included more than one substance. Moreover, some banned dietary supplements are sold by untruthful industries. So, US Food and Drugs resell the dietary supplements in markets for improper labeling, presence of anabolic agents, and sildenafil, unapproved drug substances. Also, herbal, or natural supplements cause problems to athletes which is some plants are rated and naturally product banned products such as cannabis Sativa.




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