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The Usage of Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplements are utilized and offer some potential health improvement if anyone needs them. Insufficient nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies are important conditions that highly affect global health so, there is a requirement of diet quality which is essential to address the issues.

 The dietary Supplements

The solution to meeting this requirement for the individual at risk of deficiencies is a dietary supplement or food fortification. For instance, if we see the importance of dietary supplements in real life, they are needed specifically for women and children.

How the dietary supplements are helpful to them are, that women need vitamins with folic when their reproductive age, during pregnancy. Also, infants and children are sometimes often affected by deficiencies in vitamin D, and adults who are greater than or equal to 65 years are required to take vitamin D to ensure their bone healthy. Daily low-dose multivitamin supplementation leads to the reduction of cancer and cataracts, especially it works for men. Moreover, these dietary supplements are influenced by some diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Eye disease, infectious diseases, HIV, Psychological disorders, autism spectrum disorders, Birth defects, and child growth. So, here is the explanation of dietary supplements for cancer below.


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Taking Optimum micronutrients can not be beneficial for cancer prevention, many randomized trials were conducted over the past few decades, but dietary supplements remain poorly prevented cancer and it is impossible to achieve the results. On the other hand, some nutrients increase the level of cancer stage. Colorectal cancer is constructed with high doses of individual vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D was suggested to be important prevention of colorectal cancer development but, currently, there are no prevention trials for this hypothesis.

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In addition, multivitamin supplements were suggested for the prevention of breast cancer. But WHI, the administration of combined calcium and vitamin D supplements was not associated with the beneficial result of breast cancer.



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