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Lower Your Risk and Health Problems

Introduction to Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements are significant substances that we use to increase the nutrients level in our body, and it would help us to get lowered the risk of health problems by having pills, powders, tablets, and capsules. People in different parts of the world tend to use dietary supplements to improve their healthier lives. The dietary supplements are beneficial for people who are of different ages such as older adults, children, women during pregnancy, and athletes. Here I have demonstrated my points with some topics of dietary supplements are what is dietary supplements? why do we use dietary supplements such as multivitamins, garlic tablets, and natural weight loss aids? dietary supplements during adulthood and pregnancy and dietary supplements in sports. Under these headings, I have explained some important key factors of the advantages and disadvantages of using dietary supplements and where they lead people.

What is Dietary Supplement?

supplementsGenerally, dietary supplements are nutritional products that are taken by people for their health conditions, but they also give something good for a better life. The DISHA of 1994 defined dietary supplements. The products for the dietary supplements are multi-vitamins, fish oil tablets, garlic tablets, probiotics, and natural weight loss aids. A product except tobacco focused to supplement the diet and the controls include the following dietary ingredients and their meanings.

Pictures Dietary Ingredients Explanation
Minerals' picture Minerals The chemical elements in the inorganic forms and those requiring greater than 100 mg per day. As well as trace minerals are required less amount.
Vitamins' picture Vitamins The organic products (carbon-containing) that are required in a small amount for normal metabolism, growth, and well-being. That should be received from the diet.
Herbal and botanical plant's part Herbal and botanical plant's part The products which are obtained from any plant’s part.
Animal's extracts' picture Animal extracts Products from animal parts.
Amino Acids's Picture Amino Acids Products that are included in the amino group and are the results of an acidic function.
Proteins' Picture Proteins

the proteins made from the complete set of amino acids.

Teas' picture Teas The products that include herbals, botanicals, or other dietary supplements which are mixed in water.
Concentrates, metabolites, and constituents picture Concentrates, metabolites, and constituents The products that are broken down into single components or are other products’ parts.
Propolis's Picture Other ingredients The products that are not included in the list are other ingredients such as bee pollen, propolis, and Royal Jelly.



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