Bitcoin and Online Currencies



The progress of the internet had led to the establishment of various kinds of currencies, which is known as Cryptocurrencies

. One of them is the Bitcoin and online currency. Bitcoin is a web-based communication convention which expedite the use of online currency, such as electronic payments. It is used all over the world to make online transactions. Rules for the bitcoin and online currency are designed by the software engineers. This is an assembled transaction log, which is dispensed across a network of engaging computers. CITATION KIm17 \l 1033  (Kwang, 2017)
This involves a mechanism which includes an irreversible transaction, which is the authorized segment of finances creation with time. Bitcoin account can be created by anyone, this do not require any charge or any kind of centralized evaluating procedures. It is of regard to economists as an online currency with prospective to derange subsisting payments as well as monetary techniques. It is associated with the conventional financial system and the economy.  CITATION Boh15 \l 1033 (Bohme Rainer, 2015).
It is unsustainable currency that exists fully virtually and permits the user to send and receive money. The system goes through various peer networks, which makes their transactions impossible to trace. CITATION Tel13 \l 1033  (Ltd, 2013)
In the report, below I will discuss about the following:
·       Bitcoin does not include.
·       Uses of the bitcoin and online currency.
·       Risk of the bitcoin and online currency.
·       Bitcoin Background
·       Ways of getting bitcoin

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