Lyme disease

Multi-Organ Animal Borne Infection


Lyme disease, Scientific name- Lyme borreliosis is a multi-organ animal borne infection, which occurs due to bacteria- commonly known as spirochetes of the Borrelia species. This is a tick-borne infection commonly spread in Europe. Spirochetes are the kind of bacteria which are secluded from mosquitoes, files etc. These spirochetes do not cause infection to the humans, but they usually devour on rodents and deer. 11 Bb genos trains are identified, but not all among them are considered to be pathogenic bacteria. Humans are contaminated through a tick bite to the skin. Borrelia burgdorferi must be connected to the skin of the humans for 24 hours to cause ab infection. The chance of infection is directly proportional to the length of time of linked tick to the skin. Early removal must be done to cause Lyme borreliosis prophylaxis.