George Washington Carver

American Scientist

Early Life

George Washington Carver was born in Diamond Grove, in the Missouri state, territory of the United States, although, his date of birth is not specified due to the lack of birth certificates in that time. His mother, Mary, was a slave who belong to the Carver family, and George had a brother called James, who was born a couple years before George. While George and his mother were living with the Carver family, occurred the American Civil War.

George Washington Carver Teenager

At this time, mother and son were kidnapped to being sold in Arkansas. Moses Carver went to look for them but, unfortunately, he just could find the little George. By that time, George was very sick, and he needed health care to recover completely. In 1865, was enacted the law of abolition of slavery; so, George was no longer a slave. Young George used to work with Susan, Moses's wife, and While George was working in the house with Susan, he learned how to grow vegetables and prepared herbal medicine. All these skills that Susan Carver taught to George would serve him for the rest of his life.