COVID-19 Update

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheridan admissions is not offering on-site, in-person advising or support.  Until further notice, we will continue processing applications and respond to inquiries through email and phone.  To reach the admissions team, please email or 905-845-9430, options 4.  Please have your student ID available and be as specific as possible regarding your inquiry. We appreciate your patience and understanding

Admission Appeals - How it works

Admission Appeal forms can be downloaded below.

An Applicant must establish that there are grounds for an appeal.

Appeals filed without grounds or appropriate documentation will be dismissed. There are two grounds that may be considered when filing an Admissions Appeal. Sheridan will not consider admissions appeals for the following reasons:
  • The Applicant thinks Sheridan should take another look at the application for admission.
  • Another Applicant with similar grades was given an offer of admission.
  • The Applicant’s sole reason to appeal is to express their desire to attend Sheridan.
  • The Applicant received offers of admission to other colleges, and feels they should get a Sheridan offer of admission.
  • The Applicant was “so close” to getting an offer of admission.

A second review of your portfolio will not be considered.

Grounds Explanation Appropriate Documentation

Medical / Compassionate

An illness or medical condition which seriously impacted the application process or Critical event or circumstance beyond the control of, and unforeseen by, the Applicant which seriously impacted their application.

Medical Form/Letter from Physician (must include: name, date medical attention was sought, the impact the illness/medical condition had on the application process, any restrictions/limitations, etc.) Documentation may include:
• Death Certificate/Notice
• Relevant Travel Documents
• Legal Documentation
• Letter from Religious Leader

Admission Processing

A belief that an admission process was improperly applied or not followed or their submission was recorded or calculated incorrectly.

Document any events or evidence that support the alleged error. If appropriate, applicants shall provide transcripts and/or supporting documentation (such as supplemental score sheet).

How to write and submit the letter

The typed letter (12 pt. font, single-spaced, 600 words max.) must be addressed to the Registrar and emailed to within 10 working days of receipt of the admission decision. 

Your letter must clearly state:

  • your name
  • the program you are appealing
  • why the Admission Appeal is being requested
  • the specific facts that you consider to be grounds relevant to the Admission Appeal
  • any previous attempts to address the situation
  • include your signature

If the request is not completed with these elements, the admission appeal may not be reviewed.

Portfolio Programs

To request an Admissions Appeal based on portfolio score, the applicant must meet the academic requirements of the program. Eligible applicants are selected for programs on the assessment of their previous academic achievement and the results of the portfolio assessment.

The original portfolio may be requested at a later date as needed in the appeal process. You do not need to include your portfolio with the letter if it was originally submitted online. The appeal process does not provide an opportunity for resubmission of new work. New submissions will not be considered or reviewed.

Please be aware that as a result of the Admission Appeal Process, the portfolio score may be affected in one of three ways: the score may remain the same, the score may increase or the score may decrease. It is possible that any change in score will not necessarily change the admission decision.

Appeal Administration fee

A $50 (non-refundable) administration fee is required with this admission appeal request. Receipt of your online banking payment must be submitted with the letter of appeal and form.

Appeal Payment options: please choose ONE method below. Bank copy of payment receipt is required to send along with the signed appeal form and letter

  • Online banking (If you are in Canada) for the CAD $50 (non-refundable) administration fee. Please add Sheridan College as a payee.
  • bank copy of your wire transfer (if you are outside Canada) for the CAD $50 (non-refundable) administration fee
Provide the following information to your bank.
  • Account Name: Sheridan College
  • Bank Name: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 197 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, ON L6J 5E8 Canada
  • Bank Number: 010
  • Bank Transit Number: 00162
  • Swift Code: CIBCCATT
  • Account Number: 83-00615 (Transfer fees in Canadian Dollars)
  • Message to Bank: Admission Appeal Fee for Student No…Student Name… Date of Birth…

Please also send a copy of the bank copy to and include your full name, date of birth and your Sheridan ID#.