COVID-19 Update

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheridan admissions is not offering on-site, in-person advising or support.  Until further notice, we will continue processing applications and respond to inquiries through email and phone.  To reach the admissions team, please email or 905-845-9430, options 4.  Please have your student ID available and be as specific as possible regarding your inquiry. We appreciate your patience and understanding

Tracking your Application

  1. Log-in to Sheridan Applicant Portal using your Sheridan username and password
  2. Under the Admissions heading click Application Status

The Application Status page includes a number of important links to help guide you through the admissions process:

  • View outstanding admission requirements for a summary of any tasks/tests and their statuses that may need to be completed before being considered for admission to a specific program.
  • View additional admission requirements to link to the applicant instructions for selected programs. These instructions will detail any additional, program-specific assignments that are required (e.g. portfolio, resume)
  • View Summary of Test Results for all pre-admission testing.
  • View Fee Information for a summary of program fees.
  • View Admissions Glossary for an explanation of various types of admission decisions.
  • Click for more information if you need to contact us at admissions

Also don't forget to check your mail (standard and email) and the myOTR website for information regarding further requirements, if applicable, for the program(s) to which you've applied.