Potential Thesis Topics -- For Prospective Thesis Students

List of Potential Thesis Topics

Frequently Asked Questions -- For Prospective Thesis Students

  • Q: Are you accepting new students at this time?
      A: Yes, there are openings for motivated students every year. However, the number is limited and so you are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of working under my supervision.
  • Q: If I contact you, what information should I provide in the e-mail?
      A: Tell me what research areas interest you. Tell me about some of the projects you have done in the past (whether research projects or class projects). If applicable, mention other related activities, e.g. extracurricular projects you have worked on, programming contest participation, etc.
  • Q: Do I have to know exactly the project I want to do?
      A: Absolutely not. But if you have some ideas that interest you, please say so. In general, most students know the areas they find interesting, and we can determine a project topic through discussion.
  • Q: What sorts of topics do you generally supervise?
      A: You can see some examples by looking at the list of project topics for current and previous students.
  • Q: What if I want to do something different?
      A: Please discuss your ideas with me. I will not be able to supervise a research project completely outside of my area of expertise, but there may be some common ground.
  • Q: What are you looking for in a prospective student?
      A: The most important thing is to bring motivation, imagination and a willingness to learn new things. Students should also be comfortable with working independently and self-motivated.