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It affect all the field of Science

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molecular biology is a wide field of science and involves all the domains.Bio pharmacy, cell biology, and biochemistry are the major aspects that include molecules as their basic constituents. The study of molecular biology is combined learning that involves the cell structure, its constituents, and functions, pharmacy that deals with the bio or living medicinal chemical agents or molecules, and biochemistry dealing with the chemical molecular structures that regulate the functioning of living systems. Molecular biology is a widely researched topic and is the most speed-developing aspect of the field of science. Be it the latest new chemical and complex structures being formed by the molecules to carry out complicated living system complexities, or dealing with any medical condition, molecular researchers are head-on heels in their research.

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structure of molecules

The field of molecular biology is a vast concept, relating to all the fields of science, including physics and chemistry. Different scientists worked together for years and years to find the interconnection of molecular concepts among different fields of science. “The geneticist himself is helpless to analyze the properties further. The physicist, as well as the chemist, must step in.” (Muller 1936: 214) Since then, many famous physicists, as well as chemists, worked together to understand the inheritance of cells and molecules, how the principles of quantum physics related to cell stability and mutation, and how to utilize structural chemistry to learn about the structure of molecules, chemical bonds and reading about compounds. All these efforts in the history of studying molecular biology led to the great discoveries of functions of living organisms. Transmission of genes, DNA, and cell characteristics from generation to generation, causing the wide growth and development of living organisms in the world, are the topics that came into consideration after all the phenomena of cell structure were studied and experimented with. Smaller steps unlocked the bigger complex procedure that makes the living system work in unison.  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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