Child Abuse

The Dynamics of Child Abuse


Child abuse


Child Abuse as the name suggests is any intentional abuse, harm, or mistreatment of a child of children under the age of eighteen. It is a criminal offense in most of the world and has strict consequences. Child abuse can lead to trauma that stays with a person throughout their life, hindering their health, wellbeing, and emotional and mental growth.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), globally, it is estimated that up to one billion children aged 2-17 years, have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect in the past year (1). (WHO, 2022)

Child abuse is said to be one of the most distressing societal concerns that demands our attention. Children who are societies’ most vulnerable members rely on the adults around them for love, care, and protection. Children deserves to live in environments that are safe and surroundings that can nurture their well-being and development.

It is essential to understand that child abuse can happen in a lot of diverse ways and is not confined to a single form. As human beings we need to recognize and understand the signs of child abuse, to protect the rights of these young individuals, who are the world’s future.

By the preventative methods that will further be explained in this research, we can break this ongoing cycle of abuse and offer a brighter and more secure future for all children around the world.

In this research paper you will dive deeper into a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the worldly issue of Child Abuse, covering the several types of child abuse, the effects, and impacts that it has on children, and preventative methods that can prevent instances of child abuse.