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Software Design
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MIDIForth v7

MIDIForth is a computer language for composing with MIDI synthesizers, based on the ANSI Forth language. It is built on Carbon MacForth, a commercially availible Forth system for Apple Macintosh OSX computers. MIDIForth has evolved since 1984 as a vehicle for the composition, recording and editing of algorithmic music and Electronic Musical Instrument (EWI) performance. Here is a short paper describing some of these features: Software Tools for Electronic Wind Instrument Editing. Here is another paper on some of the compositional tools in MIDIForth: New Software Composition Tools

The Transformation Engine

The Transformation Engine is a software music composition system for the Macintosh computer, based on a hierarchical model of musical structure derived from the theories of Heinrich Schenker. It implements processes of musical transformation in real time, i.e. Schenkerian prolongations (“composing-out”) can be executed while the user listens to a high performance MIDI rendering of the music.

The software has been used for algorithmic composition using planetary position data and chaotic processes as drivers for musical transformations. It also has applications to traditional forms of composition, sonification (scientific visualization) and soundtrack composition for visual media.

Here is a brief paper describing the Transformation Engine: The Transformation Engine.


(Note -- PowerPC only!)

VL ONE70 (beta) is a Macintosh OS X-compatible (PowerPC only) software librarian for Yamaha's VL series synthesizers. This software is meant to help you organize and edit your patches (“voices”) and converting them between the VL1 and VL70 synthesizers. In addition it offers a complete “Expert Editor” style interface for in-depth editing of the VL1.

For the VL70, it can convert the otherwise inaccessible PR and INT formats (rom and internal, respectively) to the less restrictive CST (custom) format. It therefore allows you to download and manage VL70 voices based on their internal rom’s.

Lastly, it is the only software that can convert between VL1 and VL70 voice formats, allowing your favorite voices to be played on either synthesizer. Finally, play your favorite VL70 voices on the clearer , cleaner, more transparent, more responsive VL1.

(March 2013) This software is offered 'as is." It has not been tested for compatibility with OSX 10.7 or 10.8. Unfortunately I currently have no computer that will run it.

Readme File (Features, restrictions, requirements)