Sickle Cell Anemia

Life in the Balance


DNA genetics

Everyone is given a chance at life to make the most of their lives on earth by living life, creating memories, and educate on all aspects of life and the human body functions. As everyone collectively assists in making up the human population, many different cultures, backgrounds and DNA create who we are as a person. Some of us are born with no ailments and others suffer from conditions of diseases that make a persons life become challenging and life threatening. When thinking about diseases, sickle cell anemia disease is one that is rarely known or understood as most are unaware of the daily struggles for those who suffer from it on a on-going basis. It is one of the most common inherited hematologic disorders in the United States. (National Library of Medicine, 2022). The pain suffered due to this disease can and is detrimental to the lives of those that suffer from it, which is an estimated 5,000 people in just Canada alone. (Cordy, n.d.). As you read this paper, you will see into the world of a person who lives with sickle cell disease, the effects it has on their life and those around them. 

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